Top five spa gifts you need to consider for your favorite people

Some people straight up thrive when it comes to Christmas shopping and some people, well, don’t. It’s hectic, the stores are crowded, the people are in a hurry — we get it! That’s why we wanted to share some great gift ideas for every person on your list, and all things that you can pick up at your next appointment!


Even if it wasn’t the worst season for our skin, it’s still a beautiful thing to receive a few ounces of a delicious day cream or night serum. Most people note that skincare products are often difficult to shop for because they either don’t know what they need or they feel bad to splurge on something superficial. But we know that this isn’t just about luxury — this is about supporting hydration, boosting skin health, and facilitating a more gentle aging process. So talk to the spa staff about a good balanced cream, pair it with a lovely cotton facial cloth, and give the gift of a glow!

The average spa visit has for too long been marketed to one kind of woman, but we are prepared for everyone — yes, everyone! Massages and body treatments can be tailored to meet the needs of the young and old, the expecting mother or the high school athlete, the toughest tension and the most sensitive muscles. Manicures and Pedicures are enjoyed by more men than ever before. Hair styling menus often include beard services, playful color, and extensions. Facial services work to prevent, treat, and reverse. No matter what the person on your list needs, we are certain to have a service that can meet and exceed their expectations!

While many people do stay on top of their hair during the hectic holiday season, a great many others do not. For whatever reason it doesn’t get on the books and it’s a tragedy, we know! So what if you saved the season? Whether you know their stylist and you set up an appointment, or  you give a gift card for them to use when their schedule allows, this gesture will not go unnoticed! Snag a new barrel brush or their favorite shampoo to fill the bag and remind them that taking care of them should always be something special.

It’s not uncommon for our clients to still be hanging around long after their service is done, hunting for the perfect gift for their friends — or themselves! New and timeless trends, quality fashion jewelry, complementary pieces, and some of the latest beauty accessories can be found in our boutique. You can pull together a basket for mom, full of her favorite scented candles, a new statement necklace and a shawl to match her manicure. Get your bestie a refill on her favorite products and a super cozy sweater. Thank your teachers with luxurious hand cream and a squishy stylish beanie. Our staff loves to curate collections and can help you find the best combinations for everyone on your list!

If you’re still unsure, consider gifting your people something totally new. Maybe they’ve been wanting to try lashes, or a spray tan. Maybe they want a new foundation color but aren’t sure how to match to their skintone. And let’s not forget about those winter vacations! If you or someone you know is heading somewhere warm this winter, these services and more will get you warm-weather ready. So come in and talk to our staff about how to setup one of these unique experiences for the person on your spa-gift list.

Spa treatments that can actually support you during the sick season

It’s that time of year! The temperatures have dropped and the germs
are having a field day. And while it may feel like all you need for
the yucky feelings is chicken soup and whatever is at the pharmacy, we’re here to tell you that there are certainly more luxurious ways to beat the season.


Going for a massage isn’t only about sore muscles and needing to relax. Massage is also a great way to boost circulation, stimulate healthy nerve function, move lymph and break up congestion. Those may sound like benefits which require specific treatments or tricks, but it’s really simple to turn ANY massage into a more therapeutic and healing experience. Whether you prefer the most gentle touch or are a fan of deep tissue work, there is good work being done at the cellular level. The key is to let your technician know how you are feeling. They are not medical professionals, but can easily adjust movements and pressure to support your acute needs.

The marketing of body treatments is often based solely on their aesthetic benefits. And while they are perfect for removing dead skin and reviving a beautiful glow, they provide systemic benefits, too! Scrubbing away skin cells encouraged healthy cell turnover, which improves elasticity and strength, which ultimately strengthens this vital protective organ. The act of scrubbing and the use of heat and stimulating products boosts circulation, encouraging a flushing of the system, moving nutrients, toxins and oxygen through and out. If steam is involved, you can be sure your respiratory system is benefiting as well.

While we’d like to believe that a fresh coat of nail color could fix everything, that’s not what we are implying here. No, we’re focusing on that 30-45 minutes of pampering before the polish; the soaking, the scrubbing, the massaging and even the paraffin waxing. As we keep raving about, circulation is vital to our health. After the blood leaves the heart, it ends up at the extremities and then moves back toward the heart. Well, your feet are a key extremity, and when you dip into that hot footbath, you are not only supporting what’s already happening, but encouraging even more. Scrubbing your feet not only leaves them soft but allows for the skin to rebuild, preventing cracks which can lead to infection. Same with those toes — regular pedicures helps prevent fungus and infections of the nail bed.

Just like body treatments, a good facial can work wonders both on the surface and deep down. The simple act of laying down with a gentle recline encourages drainage. Calming your mind and body allows for the system to enter a state of recovery. Music and aromatherapy will lull you into a more rhythmic breathing pattern. As for the treatment itself — you don’t realize just how much good sinus work is being done until you’ve come in congested. As with a massage, let your technician know if you are feeling stuffed up in any way. Many Estheticians know effective massage techniques for the head and neck, and can leave you feeling like you can breathe again.

We often go in for a cut and color and that’s it. But there are a number of services that can be enjoyed between your regular services that can boost your hair health, and your immune system! Remember all that talk about how important your feet are? Well the same goes for your head. The simple act of someone else brushing your hair induces a more calm state almost immediately. Deep conditioning treatments encourage cell turnover and rush blood to the scalp. Adding an aromatherapy scalp massage will greatly boost this benefit! Take some time to go in a few weeks before or after your last service, just to receive some extra conditioning and a good style. It’ll restore healthy blood flow to your head and may even come to help your hair grow as a result!

Homecare is really what it’s all about. What your spa starts, you continue at home with products and techniques they will recommend based on your needs. So make the time to take extra care of yourself as you need. Longer showers, hot baths, yummy scrubs and salts. Make healthy self-care the beauty trick you master this season!

7 ways to maximize your next facial

Treating yourself to a facial often sounds like a luxury. It even feels like one, depending on where you are receive it. But it is easily one of the best things you can do for your skin. These days, the average facial experience easily blurs the line between the dermatologist’s office and spa industry, and oftentimes, with little to no atmospheric difference. The products are stronger, the technicians are highly skilled, and the results are immediate. But still, we want to help you get even more out of your next facial!

Good sleep is vital to any body treatment. With your skin being your largest organ, rest benefits it greatly. Simply getting your eight hours the night before will encourage healthy bloodflow, which will leave you feeling less puffy and more bright, and help welcome all those yummy products your technical will apply. Sleeping well the night after will allow all that hydrated skin to receive the new collagen your body builds as you sleep.

We say it all the time and it’s worth repeating — meet your water intake everyday, no excuses. Check out this post if you need a quick hydration refresher.

You don’t need to go on a full scrubbing mission, but you should do your best to clear your skin of makeup and impurities. Yes, your technician will cleanse your skin during the treatment, but going in with as fresh a face as possible allows for the most clean canvas to work with. Your technician will be able to clearly assess your pores, skintone, and how your skin generally feels after your own skincare routine.

No, we are serious! A diet rich in healthy fats is key to maintaining that healthy glow and reparative integrity that our skin is known for. The Vitamin E in avocados fights oxidative damage, the Zinc in walnuts helps calm inflammation, and a serving of fatty fish can deposit all the nutrients necessary for helping to fight autoimmune conditions like psoriasis.

This is your appointment, so arrive on time with all your questions and desires. These are technicians, not magicians, but a little participation goes a long way. Know your goals for your skin and be ready to talk about what has been happening to your skin in the last few months. The better you can get your technician up to speed the better they can (and will!) serve you.

Facials are as much about how you feel during the session as they are about how you look when you’re finished. So breathe deep and pay attention as you relax into the treatment. Take note of how you feel during applications. Visualize the stress and aging and toxins literally leaving your body with each tingle and extraction and steam. Feel free to ask if there are any ways you can mimic a certain techniques at home. Enjoy it with the intention of being able to recreate this experience anytime you want.

Your tech is going to suggest products, and for good reason. Though the last 45-60 minutes was some of the best attention your skin has received, it’s not enough to get you through without some commitment on your end. Your skin loses moisture as you sleep. One night of not washing off your makeup can create what looks and feels like weeks of damage to your skin. Simply skipping your sunscreen can expose you to just the right amount of UV rays that can push a dormant issue through. The point: listen to your technician and do the steps at home. Whatever they suggest is based on what they just witnessed through a magnifier and bright lights. They know your skin on a whole other level — you can trust what they say.

Five steps to take you from summer to sweater weather

Pools are closed, kids are heading back to school, but you’re clutching your Frosé like “No way!” We get it. And we’re here to help.

The shift from summer to fall can be one of the toughest. The color changes are drastic, the vibe is completely different, and the early push of winter holidays can mess up your mental space like nothing else. The best way to work the transition is to find your groove and let the trends fit in.

Start with your closet

Having a solid grip on your personal style will help everything come together. Consider reaching for neutrals for the first few weeks and adding a light layer as the temps drop. Your skinnies can make their debut whenever you’re ready, just pair them with some cute loafers or sneaks. You miiiight even be able to rock those colors and florals a few more times if you pair it with your jeans and a cute jacket! Once you have a grip on what you already have, make a list of killer staple pieces you can add to enhance your fall style.

Next, revive your hair

While it might feel like you need to erase all the highlights and chop all the mermaid locks, there’s no need for such a drastic change. A few small edits can help you move into fall pretty effortlessly. If you are completely in love with your light locks, consider darkening around the crown and filling in the bright spots around your face. If you’re already on the warm side, consider some lowlights, or even cutting off a few inches. That alone can add a load of dimension and drastically revive your style. Dark-haired ladies, the sky is the limit. Warm it up or simply get a gloss or glaze treatment to refresh your color.

Take it slow with the nails and makeup

As that sun-kissed skin starts to even out, your makeup routine might feel off. Transitioning to fall colors will be too much on your warm skin, but you’re not yet light enough for foundation or dark nails. Try taking a few weeks to let things naturally even out by giving your summer routine a break. Start with a light, tinted moisturizer, maybe let your cheeks go free for a few weeks and remember what your natural glow looks like, then consider new color-corrections your may need. Once your base is under control, choose gentle warm shadows that will flatter your eye-color, slowly reacquaint yourself with eyeliner, snag a manicure to try the latest shade of plum and seal the deal with that deep matte lipcolor you’ve been drooling over.

But take the moisture a little too far

Just as you needed to prepare for the warm temps, be ready for things to cool down. Thankfully, the fall season itself isn’t drying, but the fabrics can irritate you. Cleanse and scrub as usual to encourage healthy cell turnover, and consider adding a slightly richer lotion, (with shea butter if possible), to your moisturizing routine. Not only will it keep your skin super smooth and prepare you for the coming dry months, but its natural anti-inflammatory properties help to combat reactions from those fall clothing materials.

Then style smarter, not harder

With cooler temps making it more comfortable to let you hair loose, finding the right style is crucial. Everyone feels good when they leave the salon but it’s all about what you can replicate at home. If your stylist suggests a product or tool to help you, listen to her! Otherwise you’ll likely be constantly throwing that fresh cut in a messy bun. So consider coming in for a trim or update, snag the products your stylist recommends, and don’t be over-ambitious. Start with what you know you can confidently do each day and change it up as you go.

Easy enough, yes?
Look, we get it! It can be so tempting to see the leaves start to fall and freak out thinking we need a new wardrobe and a transformed look. But we are just as ready for a new season if we roll in as the person we already are and the style we already have. Timelessness always wins for a reason! So let’s take on the fall with the confidence that no magazine can capture, and let all the new things we do or wear simply boost all the beauty we already possess.

Self-Care Check-in

Self-Care: it’s kind of a big deal. And we don’t just mean keeping your nails done and your latte full. Those are amazing things, but they aren’t what we are talking about here. What makes a good self-care routine isn’t always about what is luxurious.. or even fun. It’s more often about doing what you need to do to be your best self rather than just look like your best self. 

Since summer’s peak has passed, we want to encourage you to use these next few wild and free weeks to consider five key areas where you can take on some truly life-changing self-care, and move into the fall season like the boss babe you are.

Ok, yeah, this is super important. You gotta make sure you feel good on the outside. While this isn’t the most vital aspect of a solid self-care routine, it’s a big deal and so we want to help you take stock in how you’re seeing yourself. (notice we did not say how others see you..)

  • Does your personal style truly reflect you?
  • Are your hair and makeup enhancing your natural features?
  • Are your beauty routines working for you?
  • How much water are you drinking each day?
  • Do you cleanse and moisturize every night?
  • When was the last time you hit the gym, or walked, or stretched?
  • Is there a fruit and veggie rainbow in your fridge?

We miiiight have made up this one, but we can assure you, it’s a thing. Given the fact that so much of our lives are lived on the internet, it’s necessary to consider what kind of interactions are happening there — whether interpersonal or in our own hearts.

  • Do you truly enjoy every person/group/account that you follow?
  • When you scroll, are you left feeling inspired and encouraged, or envious or defeated?
  • How does your mood shift if interactions or responses don’t go as you hoped?
  • Is your online life a true reflection of your reality?
  • What is your motive when you post or share?

People happen everyday, whether they are our blood relatives, best friends, co-workers or total strangers. We are constantly interacting with others in real time and real life and feeling real emotions. Caring for this space is vital to being the strongest person we can be.

  • Do you honor your boundaries consistently and unapologetically? (or even have them in place?)
  • Are you going into interactions fully loving yourself, first?
  • Have you called your mom? (or Dad or Grandma or your favorite Aunt?)
  • How often do you think “What can I offer?” as opposed to “What can I get?”
  • Do you celebrate others’ wins?

We have heard it said that we only use a (very small) fraction of our brains. It’s pretty amazing to think that we are still accomplishing so much, considering! Still, our minds need some TLC. Whether it’s rest, or self-awareness, or something new and challenging, how well are you taking care of your most vital organ?

  • How often do you simply rest your mind and try to not think of anything?
  • When was the last time you learned something new?
  • What book are you reading right now?
  • Do you know your personality type, or strengths, or gifts?
  • Would you consider switching from music to intellectual podcasts a couple days a week?

Thoughts and feelings run wild if we don’t keep them in check, and even the most wonderful of moments can turn ugly if we don’t have a strong connection to our emotions. Take a moment to consider what your emotional space might need.

  • Do you forgive yourself?
  • How often do you speak good, strong words over yourself?
  • What is your plan for healthily processing your feelings?
  • Have you ever kept a journal or expressed feelings through art?
  • Can you simply observe without judgment or taking things to heart?

When it’s all said and done, those trips to the spa are pretty darn amazing, and any service you enjoy at Indigo will not only fill your bucket, but will help you look and feel your best as well. Consider booking with one or more of our incredible staff to support your self-care routine!

  • Set up a hair or makeup consultation to discuss whether you’re due for a change.
  • Enjoy a massage or body polish to rejuvenate your skin and calm some emotions.
  • Enjoy a customized facial and clear your mental space.
  • Relax in our pedicure suite and eye all the goodies in the boutique!

Indigo’s hydration refresher!

We know, we know.. you’ve heard the “Stay hydrated!” speech many times already. But it’s important you guys. So important that we wanted to make sure we remind you and equip you with products, tips and services that can set you up for success. As we move into the heat of summer, pour yourself a glass of cold water and read up on our quick hydration refresher.


Your skin is actually the largest organ in your body, and it’s comprised mostly of water. All major functions of your body require water and so, when you are taking in adequate amounts of water, overall function is more likely to be optimal. But that’s not everything. Drinking water actually benefits you on the outside, too. Properly hydrated skin is visibly more plump, radiant, and healthy. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and provides an ample foundation for aesthetics. So all the things you do each day to look and feel beautiful can be boosted if you simply sip a few extra glasses a day.

Make water your goto drink. Start your day with it, whether pure or in the form of an herbal tea. Drink a full glass before every meal to encourage healthy digestion. Take a glass before bed to support detoxification and purification as your body rests. Carry a water bottle and infuse with citrus and herbs to add bright flavors to your day. It’s the most easy way to immediately encourage a more healthy lifestyle and jumpstart a fresh hydration routine.

Add more water to your diet through food. Cucumbers, Watermelon, Strawberries and Lettuce all have the highest water content of foods and can deliver intense hydration in just one meal. Simply swapping high-sodium foods for these foods will dramatically increase your overall hydration and bring a noticeable difference to your skin.


Now that you are the queen of hydration self-care, it’s time to address your hair and skin from the outside. You can do all the tips and tricks any magazine or beauty blog could offer, but if you don’t have a solid hydration habit first, it means very little. Every service you receive and product you apply is boosted and better when your system is hydrated first!


Whether you are lounging in the sun, or jumping in a chlorinated pool or the salty ocean, you are putting your hair through some things. Here are a few ways you can replenish moisture and get your locks back in shape.

Usually what we think of first, but not all conditioners are created equal. Look for products with high concentrations of planlkmm’lt botanicals and as few stabilizers and preservatives as possible. We absolutely love Treat.Me by Kevin Murphy. Dubbed “The facial for your hair”, this line of moisture and repair treatments is unique in that it is customizable and applied full strength, making it more effective than most products you’ll find on other salon shelves.


  • Consider switching to a moisturizing shampoo for summer
  • Avoid hot styling whenever possible
  • Boost with heat protection serums when you want to heat style
  • Try making your own moisture spritz using water, aloe vera and avocado oil. YUM.


Since we are all using our SPF everyday (hint hint) we are discussing skin treatments solely for hydration right now. Just like our hair takes on all the elements of our environment, our skin is soaking it up, too. Big time. Here are a few ways you can reclaim your own baby soft status.

A highly-pressurized stream of oxygen infused with vitamins and botanicals deposits all that is stripped of the skin resulting in a more supple texture and healthy appearance. Because of their ability to deliver intense rejuvenation, these treatments are popular before big events, so plan one this month as the sun is really starting to shine and give your skin the reset it deserves.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again! Simply removing the dead skin cells and allowing new layers to be revealed will not only brighten your skin but will also better receive all the benefits of the moisture treatments you receive. Take the time to buff especially after swimming in chlorinated pools, the ocean, or lakes with heavy boat activity.


  • Lotion up everyday. Seriously.
  • Take a milk and oatmeal bath
  • Use salt and sugar scrubs made with honey for intense hydration
  • Take a sun-break.. wear cute linen pants or a cute cover up and let your skin rest from the rays


Summer officially lands this month and it’s time to get ready; beach ready, party ready, fun ready! Whether you are looking for a way to score the perfect mermaid tresses, or just need to know how to beat that sunburn, we are certain this post will set you up for a successful summer.

You’ve worked hard to achieve the perfect locks and the most supple skin, so don’t even think about heading into the heat without a few of our best friends in your bag.

  • Armor up with Epicuren Sunscreen and SPF Lip Balm. Sunscreen blocks those harmful rays but doesn’t keep the tan away; it lets it develop more gradually — and safely! Those lips, however, need full protection, and this balm has got you covered.

  • Pamper sun-kissed skin with Epicuren Noni. A luxurious after sun moisturizer containing Noni fruit and pure aloe vera, specially formulated to soothe and revive sunburned and windburned skin.

  • Get that sought after tousled beach hair with Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort line. An oil-free texturized and a volumizing spray work to transform any style and texture into a fun and free look in seconds.
  • Keep that pedicure with Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze. Dubbed “the instant pedicure” this blend of honey, cinnamon, clove, and other fine moisturizers will transform even the toughest skin. A must for the summer.
  • Don’t forget to grab a touch up bottle of your manicure or pedicure color for only $3!

Stay on top of your hair, skin and nails by booking your follow-up and touch-up services now. We don’t slow down over the summer and we’d hate for you to be without the freshen up you need!

  • Norvell sunless tanning will get you a fresh-off-the-beach tan in minutes. You can rinse in three hours and it lasts for weeks.
  • Broboletta lashes will give you all the length and volume without the drama of curling and coating and combing. Choose long-term and touch up a few times all summer, or get a set just for your special occasion.

  • An Element Body Polish will remove every last trace of that itchy winter skin, revealing a foundation for a healthy tan and easy maintenance.

Never underestimate the power of a finishing touch. We have a full boutique stocked with the latest trends and the most versatile staple pieces. Whether you need something totally new or just an accent, let us help you make your statement.

  • Right now we are loving Blue Planet Sunglasses. They bring your purchase full-circle by providing corrective eyewear for someone in need. You buy for you, you give to another. Beautiful!

Things happen! Little snags in your wardrobe and beauty mishaps that can ruin your day.. unless you’re prepared. That’s why we’ve collected some of the greatest chill girl’s tips, so that you can face anything that may come, with confidence.

  • Forgot your self-tanner remover/teeth whitener/exfoliant/dry shampoo? Find a market and grab some baking soda! Mix with water into a paste to buff away harsh tanner lines. Add a few drops of coconut oil and use in the shower to smooth skin. Dust your toothbrush before you brush. Use a power brush to dust your scalp and absorb excess oil.
  • Aloe vera cubes make post-sun care a breeze. Mix a cup of pure aloe vera and a few drops of peppermint oil, then freeze in ice cube trays. Pop one out and rub on skin!
  • Use chamomile tea bags for your post-bikini wax burn
  • Fill a mason jar 3/4 with water, then add cucumber, crushed mint leaves and lavender. Infuse for a few hours, then fill a small spray bottle and keep it in the fridge. Spray your face and skin often to keep hydrated and bright. Bonus points if you add hydrosols such as rose or orange blossom!
  • Keep your style longer by wrapping it up in a cute headscarf. Whether it’s a blowout or curls, the fabric will protect from friction and a moisture-wicking material will keep your head cooler!


Spring is FINALLY here, and we’re ready!

First thing’s first, if you STILL don’t have something for mom — READ THIS.
We are your one-stop shop for every mom and we have a few spots open for all
the services and products she truly wants this year!

This month it’s all about proms and brides! We want you to look and feel your absolute best as you’re heading out for the night, or heading down the aisle for forever. Whether you are going for a simple, classic look, or daring to find your full-blown beauty edge, our team can make it happen!

Let us tie everything together with a style that is sure to make you stare at your own self just a little bit longer. Our weekends fill up so we want to make sure you are on the books. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, book your appointment and come in for a consultation as soon as you can.

The top three styles we’re loving right now:
THE UPDO – This is not your grandma’s french twist. This is an artistic style meant to accentuate your natural lines, create more volume, and keep you care free all night long. Add some glam, some flowers, some ribbon or something completely different. It’s such an easy style to customize and it’s sure to stay secure well into the afterparty.

MESSY AND MAGICAL – That half-up style we all struggled to master after Becca wore it on The Bachelor is still going strong, and it’s definitely found it’s way into the formal scene. If you’ve got a dress that reveals your décolletage this is the style that will totally rock that canvas. Pull it forward for a full mane in front shots, bring it to the side during when you’re posing in a group, and let it go wild as you set the dance floor on fire. It’s surely a style that will move with you.

LET IT GO – No, we’re not talking about a braid (although that’s a totally smokin’ option) but rather, just letting those locks be completely free. If you’ve got a dress with classic lines, try a super sleek blowout. If you’re wearing something flowy or whimsical, take those beach waves to the next level by adding braids, twists, ribbon or flowers. If you’re glammed up try some bold Gatsby waves. It may seem silly to wear an everyday style to prom or your wedding, but when everyone is expecting something super traditional, you’re making quite a statement afterall.

Book your Norvell Airbrush Tan about one week before your event so you have time to get used to it, or sneak in another session should you want to go darker. We can take you from winter white to sun kissed on your lunch break — promise!

Reserve your full face application with one of our makeup artists right away. These spots go fast, trust us! You’ll want to come in for a consultation to talk desires and inspiration, find the perfect lipcolor, and maybe take a few products home to try out. Even if you’re a DIY girl, let us at least help you find the best highlighter because, #selfies!

Whether you want a little or a lot, we’ll apply before your big event, and with a little bit of upkeep they’ll last all freaking summer. Seriously!

Yes, your mani/pedi can be done day before, but at least make the appointment right away. We’ve got you covered on everything from the basic French Manicure, to bold gel, to a completely unique hand-painted style.

Prepare for your big day at Indigo with your bridesmaids,
and we’ll treat you to a discount on all the essential services!*

*See all the specials we have for your spring and summer events!

Your one stop for all the Mother’s Day goodness

We hear it every year: “I don’t know what to get mom for Mother’s Day!” And we get it.
Every woman is different and so, it can be hard to know what to give in order to show all the love and appreciation. So we’re gonna make it super simple for you.. you ready? Send her to the spa.

Yes, the spa. Even if she goes all the time. Especially if she doesn’t feel like she needs it.
Send her and treat her to the pampering she deserves.

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips:

For the mom who does regular self-care but could use a boost.
Book a Peppermint Hot Rock Massage and add on some Rejuvenating Aromatherapy. This service will not only induce incredible relaxation, but it will loosen up tension, aid in detoxification, and boost circulation through her entire body. It’s the perfect upgrade to her normal routine. Make sure you add enough to the gift card for her to pick a new lip gloss or some bath salts on the way out.

For the mom who will try anything.
We suggest an Element Body Polish. A head-to-toe scrub (so yes, she’ll be in her birthday suit) and an intense steam will buff away the stress and envelope her in the moisture her skin has been craving all winter. Add on a quick brow treatment so she can leave the table feeling all kinds of brand new. We’re pretty sure she won’t be able to avoid checking out the spring jewelry line, so make sure she has enough for a new statement piece.

For the “I don’t really know what to do at the spa” mom
There is no better place to start than a Relaxation Massage. Gentle, effective bodywork is certain to encourage circulation, soften skin, and relieve stress. Even the most modest clients find themselves dozing off during this service. Set her up for a cut and style after her massage, and a new shampoo and conditioner on the way out. Sometimes the most essential things make the biggest difference.

For the mom who takes care of everyone else, first.
We suggest a Touch of Luxury spa day package. Peppermint Hot Rock Massage, Essential Facial, and a Mani/Pedi to finish. Shoot, you should probably just add a cut and style, too — she deserves it! You book it and we’ll manage it. She’ll move from Spa to Salon, enjoy snacks and beverages, and leave feeling like the queen she is. With an entire line of salon-grade products available, set her up to leave with a few items that will help her maintain all that pampering at home.

For the mom who’s probably already booked her own appointment.
She makes it tough, we know, but you can still surprise her. Find out what time her appointment starts and show up with a gift — her favorite coffee, and a new top so she can leave the salon looking all kinds of fresh. If you play your cards right you could snag a service at the same time and get some mother/daughter selfies before you go. Set her up for a new blush or eye color test on the way out, and then take her to lunch. She might have stumped you in the past, but this is your year!

Still not sure what to do? Let one of our support staff walk you through even more options. We pride ourselves on curating the most luxurious and unique services in the area, and it’ll be our top priority to make sure mom is well taken care of.

Get spring break ready in 5 steps

The days are still gloomy but spring break is creeping up, fast. And because we all know how real legging-season can be, we gotta face the fact that we might not exactly be beach-ready. So before you dig out your weekender and secure those boarding passes, consider how you can first give your body the pre-trip TLC it deserves.


You might have expected us to start here, but this step is often underestimated. Because it’s not as much about the act of scrubbing but when you begin. You want to give yourself a good couple of weeks of intense buffing if you want to glow in those selfies. So start now; head in for a luscious body polish, then continue at home with a good scrub every few days. Soothe your skin with a quality shea or cocoa butter blend and you’ll be nothing less than supple by send-off.


Admit it: the last thing you want to do is bring the razor on vacation. Not only is it going to seriously cramp your quick-shower style but it’s just plain archaic compared to the magic of the wax session. Why goop and scrape in a rented bathroom every day when a trained professional can reveal baby-smooth skin that will last longer than your entire trip? We offer a variety of packages so you can remove a little.. or a little more.


Spring break warrants a good base tan, but don’t even think about one of those UV boxes of the old days. When we say to start early, we’re talking about using the most advanced and quality sunless tanning products on the market. Today’s formulas leave you with a just-off-the-beach glow instead of the streaks of your self-tanning nightmares. They’re professionally applied in 15-20 and you can get dressed in 8-10. A perfect sun-kissed glow and there’s still time for lunch? Yes, please!


Perfect lashes are all the rage right now, but the curling, coloring and combing involved — who wants to fuss with all that each day? Lash extensions are the perfect solution. In just one session you can dramatically enhance your own lashes with results that will make Bambi blush. No additional fuss to complete your look; just wake up and go. With regular touchups you could keep them all summer long.


Spring is all about new beginnings and breaking out of the cabin already. And as sure as the fresh flowers that pop up around you, each year we bloom a bit, too. Your beauty is found not in your skin and lashes, but in your heart and personal expression of the things that make you, well, YOU. So snag that sunhat, and splurge on that balayage service. Go ahead and rock the clutch that matches your manicure. Treat yourself to whatever it is that helps you take on the new season with creativity and confidence.