7 ways to maximize your next facial

Treating yourself to a facial often sounds like a luxury. It even feels like one, depending on where you are receive it. But it is easily one of the best things you can do for your skin. These days, the average facial experience easily blurs the line between the dermatologist’s office and spa industry, and oftentimes, with little to no atmospheric difference. The products are stronger, the technicians are highly skilled, and the results are immediate. But still, we want to help you get even more out of your next facial!

Good sleep is vital to any body treatment. With your skin being your largest organ, rest benefits it greatly. Simply getting your eight hours the night before will encourage healthy bloodflow, which will leave you feeling less puffy and more bright, and help welcome all those yummy products your technical will apply. Sleeping well the night after will allow all that hydrated skin to receive the new collagen your body builds as you sleep.

We say it all the time and it’s worth repeating — meet your water intake everyday, no excuses. Check out this post if you need a quick hydration refresher.

You don’t need to go on a full scrubbing mission, but you should do your best to clear your skin of makeup and impurities. Yes, your technician will cleanse your skin during the treatment, but going in with as fresh a face as possible allows for the most clean canvas to work with. Your technician will be able to clearly assess your pores, skintone, and how your skin generally feels after your own skincare routine.

No, we are serious! A diet rich in healthy fats is key to maintaining that healthy glow and reparative integrity that our skin is known for. The Vitamin E in avocados fights oxidative damage, the Zinc in walnuts helps calm inflammation, and a serving of fatty fish can deposit all the nutrients necessary for helping to fight autoimmune conditions like psoriasis.

This is your appointment, so arrive on time with all your questions and desires. These are technicians, not magicians, but a little participation goes a long way. Know your goals for your skin and be ready to talk about what has been happening to your skin in the last few months. The better you can get your technician up to speed the better they can (and will!) serve you.

Facials are as much about how you feel during the session as they are about how you look when you’re finished. So breathe deep and pay attention as you relax into the treatment. Take note of how you feel during applications. Visualize the stress and aging and toxins literally leaving your body with each tingle and extraction and steam. Feel free to ask if there are any ways you can mimic a certain techniques at home. Enjoy it with the intention of being able to recreate this experience anytime you want.

Your tech is going to suggest products, and for good reason. Though the last 45-60 minutes was some of the best attention your skin has received, it’s not enough to get you through without some commitment on your end. Your skin loses moisture as you sleep. One night of not washing off your makeup can create what looks and feels like weeks of damage to your skin. Simply skipping your sunscreen can expose you to just the right amount of UV rays that can push a dormant issue through. The point: listen to your technician and do the steps at home. Whatever they suggest is based on what they just witnessed through a magnifier and bright lights. They know your skin on a whole other level — you can trust what they say.