Spa treatments that can actually support you during the sick season

It’s that time of year! The temperatures have dropped and the germs
are having a field day. And while it may feel like all you need for
the yucky feelings is chicken soup and whatever is at the pharmacy, we’re here to tell you that there are certainly more luxurious ways to beat the season.


Going for a massage isn’t only about sore muscles and needing to relax. Massage is also a great way to boost circulation, stimulate healthy nerve function, move lymph and break up congestion. Those may sound like benefits which require specific treatments or tricks, but it’s really simple to turn ANY massage into a more therapeutic and healing experience. Whether you prefer the most gentle touch or are a fan of deep tissue work, there is good work being done at the cellular level. The key is to let your technician know how you are feeling. They are not medical professionals, but can easily adjust movements and pressure to support your acute needs.

The marketing of body treatments is often based solely on their aesthetic benefits. And while they are perfect for removing dead skin and reviving a beautiful glow, they provide systemic benefits, too! Scrubbing away skin cells encouraged healthy cell turnover, which improves elasticity and strength, which ultimately strengthens this vital protective organ. The act of scrubbing and the use of heat and stimulating products boosts circulation, encouraging a flushing of the system, moving nutrients, toxins and oxygen through and out. If steam is involved, you can be sure your respiratory system is benefiting as well.

While we’d like to believe that a fresh coat of nail color could fix everything, that’s not what we are implying here. No, we’re focusing on that 30-45 minutes of pampering before the polish; the soaking, the scrubbing, the massaging and even the paraffin waxing. As we keep raving about, circulation is vital to our health. After the blood leaves the heart, it ends up at the extremities and then moves back toward the heart. Well, your feet are a key extremity, and when you dip into that hot footbath, you are not only supporting what’s already happening, but encouraging even more. Scrubbing your feet not only leaves them soft but allows for the skin to rebuild, preventing cracks which can lead to infection. Same with those toes — regular pedicures helps prevent fungus and infections of the nail bed.

Just like body treatments, a good facial can work wonders both on the surface and deep down. The simple act of laying down with a gentle recline encourages drainage. Calming your mind and body allows for the system to enter a state of recovery. Music and aromatherapy will lull you into a more rhythmic breathing pattern. As for the treatment itself — you don’t realize just how much good sinus work is being done until you’ve come in congested. As with a massage, let your technician know if you are feeling stuffed up in any way. Many Estheticians know effective massage techniques for the head and neck, and can leave you feeling like you can breathe again.

We often go in for a cut and color and that’s it. But there are a number of services that can be enjoyed between your regular services that can boost your hair health, and your immune system! Remember all that talk about how important your feet are? Well the same goes for your head. The simple act of someone else brushing your hair induces a more calm state almost immediately. Deep conditioning treatments encourage cell turnover and rush blood to the scalp. Adding an aromatherapy scalp massage will greatly boost this benefit! Take some time to go in a few weeks before or after your last service, just to receive some extra conditioning and a good style. It’ll restore healthy blood flow to your head and may even come to help your hair grow as a result!

Homecare is really what it’s all about. What your spa starts, you continue at home with products and techniques they will recommend based on your needs. So make the time to take extra care of yourself as you need. Longer showers, hot baths, yummy scrubs and salts. Make healthy self-care the beauty trick you master this season!