Self-Care Check-in

Self-Care: it’s kind of a big deal. And we don’t just mean keeping your nails done and your latte full. Those are amazing things, but they aren’t what we are talking about here. What makes a good self-care routine isn’t always about what is luxurious.. or even fun. It’s more often about doing what you need to do to be your best self rather than just look like your best self. 

Since summer’s peak has passed, we want to encourage you to use these next few wild and free weeks to consider five key areas where you can take on some truly life-changing self-care, and move into the fall season like the boss babe you are.

Ok, yeah, this is super important. You gotta make sure you feel good on the outside. While this isn’t the most vital aspect of a solid self-care routine, it’s a big deal and so we want to help you take stock in how you’re seeing yourself. (notice we did not say how others see you..)

  • Does your personal style truly reflect you?
  • Are your hair and makeup enhancing your natural features?
  • Are your beauty routines working for you?
  • How much water are you drinking each day?
  • Do you cleanse and moisturize every night?
  • When was the last time you hit the gym, or walked, or stretched?
  • Is there a fruit and veggie rainbow in your fridge?

We miiiight have made up this one, but we can assure you, it’s a thing. Given the fact that so much of our lives are lived on the internet, it’s necessary to consider what kind of interactions are happening there — whether interpersonal or in our own hearts.

  • Do you truly enjoy every person/group/account that you follow?
  • When you scroll, are you left feeling inspired and encouraged, or envious or defeated?
  • How does your mood shift if interactions or responses don’t go as you hoped?
  • Is your online life a true reflection of your reality?
  • What is your motive when you post or share?

People happen everyday, whether they are our blood relatives, best friends, co-workers or total strangers. We are constantly interacting with others in real time and real life and feeling real emotions. Caring for this space is vital to being the strongest person we can be.

  • Do you honor your boundaries consistently and unapologetically? (or even have them in place?)
  • Are you going into interactions fully loving yourself, first?
  • Have you called your mom? (or Dad or Grandma or your favorite Aunt?)
  • How often do you think “What can I offer?” as opposed to “What can I get?”
  • Do you celebrate others’ wins?

We have heard it said that we only use a (very small) fraction of our brains. It’s pretty amazing to think that we are still accomplishing so much, considering! Still, our minds need some TLC. Whether it’s rest, or self-awareness, or something new and challenging, how well are you taking care of your most vital organ?

  • How often do you simply rest your mind and try to not think of anything?
  • When was the last time you learned something new?
  • What book are you reading right now?
  • Do you know your personality type, or strengths, or gifts?
  • Would you consider switching from music to intellectual podcasts a couple days a week?

Thoughts and feelings run wild if we don’t keep them in check, and even the most wonderful of moments can turn ugly if we don’t have a strong connection to our emotions. Take a moment to consider what your emotional space might need.

  • Do you forgive yourself?
  • How often do you speak good, strong words over yourself?
  • What is your plan for healthily processing your feelings?
  • Have you ever kept a journal or expressed feelings through art?
  • Can you simply observe without judgment or taking things to heart?

When it’s all said and done, those trips to the spa are pretty darn amazing, and any service you enjoy at Indigo will not only fill your bucket, but will help you look and feel your best as well. Consider booking with one or more of our incredible staff to support your self-care routine!

  • Set up a hair or makeup consultation to discuss whether you’re due for a change.
  • Enjoy a massage or body polish to rejuvenate your skin and calm some emotions.
  • Enjoy a customized facial and clear your mental space.
  • Relax in our pedicure suite and eye all the goodies in the boutique!