Five steps to take you from summer to sweater weather

Pools are closed, kids are heading back to school, but you’re clutching your Frosé like “No way!” We get it. And we’re here to help.

The shift from summer to fall can be one of the toughest. The color changes are drastic, the vibe is completely different, and the early push of winter holidays can mess up your mental space like nothing else. The best way to work the transition is to find your groove and let the trends fit in.

Start with your closet

Having a solid grip on your personal style will help everything come together. Consider reaching for neutrals for the first few weeks and adding a light layer as the temps drop. Your skinnies can make their debut whenever you’re ready, just pair them with some cute loafers or sneaks. You miiiight even be able to rock those colors and florals a few more times if you pair it with your jeans and a cute jacket! Once you have a grip on what you already have, make a list of killer staple pieces you can add to enhance your fall style.

Next, revive your hair

While it might feel like you need to erase all the highlights and chop all the mermaid locks, there’s no need for such a drastic change. A few small edits can help you move into fall pretty effortlessly. If you are completely in love with your light locks, consider darkening around the crown and filling in the bright spots around your face. If you’re already on the warm side, consider some lowlights, or even cutting off a few inches. That alone can add a load of dimension and drastically revive your style. Dark-haired ladies, the sky is the limit. Warm it up or simply get a gloss or glaze treatment to refresh your color.

Take it slow with the nails and makeup

As that sun-kissed skin starts to even out, your makeup routine might feel off. Transitioning to fall colors will be too much on your warm skin, but you’re not yet light enough for foundation or dark nails. Try taking a few weeks to let things naturally even out by giving your summer routine a break. Start with a light, tinted moisturizer, maybe let your cheeks go free for a few weeks and remember what your natural glow looks like, then consider new color-corrections your may need. Once your base is under control, choose gentle warm shadows that will flatter your eye-color, slowly reacquaint yourself with eyeliner, snag a manicure to try the latest shade of plum and seal the deal with that deep matte lipcolor you’ve been drooling over.

But take the moisture a little too far

Just as you needed to prepare for the warm temps, be ready for things to cool down. Thankfully, the fall season itself isn’t drying, but the fabrics can irritate you. Cleanse and scrub as usual to encourage healthy cell turnover, and consider adding a slightly richer lotion, (with shea butter if possible), to your moisturizing routine. Not only will it keep your skin super smooth and prepare you for the coming dry months, but its natural anti-inflammatory properties help to combat reactions from those fall clothing materials.

Then style smarter, not harder

With cooler temps making it more comfortable to let you hair loose, finding the right style is crucial. Everyone feels good when they leave the salon but it’s all about what you can replicate at home. If your stylist suggests a product or tool to help you, listen to her! Otherwise you’ll likely be constantly throwing that fresh cut in a messy bun. So consider coming in for a trim or update, snag the products your stylist recommends, and don’t be over-ambitious. Start with what you know you can confidently do each day and change it up as you go.

Easy enough, yes?
Look, we get it! It can be so tempting to see the leaves start to fall and freak out thinking we need a new wardrobe and a transformed look. But we are just as ready for a new season if we roll in as the person we already are and the style we already have. Timelessness always wins for a reason! So let’s take on the fall with the confidence that no magazine can capture, and let all the new things we do or wear simply boost all the beauty we already possess.

Indigo’s hydration refresher!

We know, we know.. you’ve heard the “Stay hydrated!” speech many times already. But it’s important you guys. So important that we wanted to make sure we remind you and equip you with products, tips and services that can set you up for success. As we move into the heat of summer, pour yourself a glass of cold water and read up on our quick hydration refresher.


Your skin is actually the largest organ in your body, and it’s comprised mostly of water. All major functions of your body require water and so, when you are taking in adequate amounts of water, overall function is more likely to be optimal. But that’s not everything. Drinking water actually benefits you on the outside, too. Properly hydrated skin is visibly more plump, radiant, and healthy. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and provides an ample foundation for aesthetics. So all the things you do each day to look and feel beautiful can be boosted if you simply sip a few extra glasses a day.

Make water your goto drink. Start your day with it, whether pure or in the form of an herbal tea. Drink a full glass before every meal to encourage healthy digestion. Take a glass before bed to support detoxification and purification as your body rests. Carry a water bottle and infuse with citrus and herbs to add bright flavors to your day. It’s the most easy way to immediately encourage a more healthy lifestyle and jumpstart a fresh hydration routine.

Add more water to your diet through food. Cucumbers, Watermelon, Strawberries and Lettuce all have the highest water content of foods and can deliver intense hydration in just one meal. Simply swapping high-sodium foods for these foods will dramatically increase your overall hydration and bring a noticeable difference to your skin.


Now that you are the queen of hydration self-care, it’s time to address your hair and skin from the outside. You can do all the tips and tricks any magazine or beauty blog could offer, but if you don’t have a solid hydration habit first, it means very little. Every service you receive and product you apply is boosted and better when your system is hydrated first!


Whether you are lounging in the sun, or jumping in a chlorinated pool or the salty ocean, you are putting your hair through some things. Here are a few ways you can replenish moisture and get your locks back in shape.

Usually what we think of first, but not all conditioners are created equal. Look for products with high concentrations of planlkmm’lt botanicals and as few stabilizers and preservatives as possible. We absolutely love Treat.Me by Kevin Murphy. Dubbed “The facial for your hair”, this line of moisture and repair treatments is unique in that it is customizable and applied full strength, making it more effective than most products you’ll find on other salon shelves.


  • Consider switching to a moisturizing shampoo for summer
  • Avoid hot styling whenever possible
  • Boost with heat protection serums when you want to heat style
  • Try making your own moisture spritz using water, aloe vera and avocado oil. YUM.


Since we are all using our SPF everyday (hint hint) we are discussing skin treatments solely for hydration right now. Just like our hair takes on all the elements of our environment, our skin is soaking it up, too. Big time. Here are a few ways you can reclaim your own baby soft status.

A highly-pressurized stream of oxygen infused with vitamins and botanicals deposits all that is stripped of the skin resulting in a more supple texture and healthy appearance. Because of their ability to deliver intense rejuvenation, these treatments are popular before big events, so plan one this month as the sun is really starting to shine and give your skin the reset it deserves.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again! Simply removing the dead skin cells and allowing new layers to be revealed will not only brighten your skin but will also better receive all the benefits of the moisture treatments you receive. Take the time to buff especially after swimming in chlorinated pools, the ocean, or lakes with heavy boat activity.


  • Lotion up everyday. Seriously.
  • Take a milk and oatmeal bath
  • Use salt and sugar scrubs made with honey for intense hydration
  • Take a sun-break.. wear cute linen pants or a cute cover up and let your skin rest from the rays


Summer officially lands this month and it’s time to get ready; beach ready, party ready, fun ready! Whether you are looking for a way to score the perfect mermaid tresses, or just need to know how to beat that sunburn, we are certain this post will set you up for a successful summer.

You’ve worked hard to achieve the perfect locks and the most supple skin, so don’t even think about heading into the heat without a few of our best friends in your bag.

  • Armor up with Epicuren Sunscreen and SPF Lip Balm. Sunscreen blocks those harmful rays but doesn’t keep the tan away; it lets it develop more gradually — and safely! Those lips, however, need full protection, and this balm has got you covered.

  • Pamper sun-kissed skin with Epicuren Noni. A luxurious after sun moisturizer containing Noni fruit and pure aloe vera, specially formulated to soothe and revive sunburned and windburned skin.

  • Get that sought after tousled beach hair with Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort line. An oil-free texturized and a volumizing spray work to transform any style and texture into a fun and free look in seconds.
  • Keep that pedicure with Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze. Dubbed “the instant pedicure” this blend of honey, cinnamon, clove, and other fine moisturizers will transform even the toughest skin. A must for the summer.
  • Don’t forget to grab a touch up bottle of your manicure or pedicure color for only $3!

Stay on top of your hair, skin and nails by booking your follow-up and touch-up services now. We don’t slow down over the summer and we’d hate for you to be without the freshen up you need!

  • Norvell sunless tanning will get you a fresh-off-the-beach tan in minutes. You can rinse in three hours and it lasts for weeks.
  • Broboletta lashes will give you all the length and volume without the drama of curling and coating and combing. Choose long-term and touch up a few times all summer, or get a set just for your special occasion.

  • An Element Body Polish will remove every last trace of that itchy winter skin, revealing a foundation for a healthy tan and easy maintenance.

Never underestimate the power of a finishing touch. We have a full boutique stocked with the latest trends and the most versatile staple pieces. Whether you need something totally new or just an accent, let us help you make your statement.

  • Right now we are loving Blue Planet Sunglasses. They bring your purchase full-circle by providing corrective eyewear for someone in need. You buy for you, you give to another. Beautiful!

Things happen! Little snags in your wardrobe and beauty mishaps that can ruin your day.. unless you’re prepared. That’s why we’ve collected some of the greatest chill girl’s tips, so that you can face anything that may come, with confidence.

  • Forgot your self-tanner remover/teeth whitener/exfoliant/dry shampoo? Find a market and grab some baking soda! Mix with water into a paste to buff away harsh tanner lines. Add a few drops of coconut oil and use in the shower to smooth skin. Dust your toothbrush before you brush. Use a power brush to dust your scalp and absorb excess oil.
  • Aloe vera cubes make post-sun care a breeze. Mix a cup of pure aloe vera and a few drops of peppermint oil, then freeze in ice cube trays. Pop one out and rub on skin!
  • Use chamomile tea bags for your post-bikini wax burn
  • Fill a mason jar 3/4 with water, then add cucumber, crushed mint leaves and lavender. Infuse for a few hours, then fill a small spray bottle and keep it in the fridge. Spray your face and skin often to keep hydrated and bright. Bonus points if you add hydrosols such as rose or orange blossom!
  • Keep your style longer by wrapping it up in a cute headscarf. Whether it’s a blowout or curls, the fabric will protect from friction and a moisture-wicking material will keep your head cooler!