Rachel S.

Rachel S.
Brand Ambassador/ Professional Make Up Artist

“To me doing makeup for a guest isn’t just about putting product on their face and sending them on their way, it’s about the relationship you form with each guest. I love coming into work and being able to help women enhance their features and give them confidence without changing anything about them. Every woman is beautiful, my role is to simply give some guidance and professional direction on how and where to enhance their beauty through proper color choices, placement and application.”

Before Rachel got into makeup design she studied fashion marketing and management at The Art Institute of Michigan in 2010. After just one semester at The Art Institute, Rachel was accepted into the study abroad program in Paris, France. While overseas, Rachel studied at The International University of Paris, continuing her education in Fashion Marketing and Management.

After returning home from Paris Rachel began to realize her passion was actually not fashion and was cosmetics. After working numerous retail jobs for the next four years, she then realized she wanted to go back to school at Astute Artistry for Makeup Design in film and fashion.

Rachel finished school for makeup design and thereafter accepted a job at Indigo Salon, Spa & Boutique as a professional brand ambassador and makeup artist. Rachel Specializes in glamorous makeup for Prom, Weddings, Magazines, and Special Occasions. Rachel also loves Natural Makeup, Avant-Garde, and High Fashion looks as well.