Faith F.

Faith F.
Massage Therapist

“What I like most about my job is being a part of someone’s healing journey.
It does not feel like a job, I am always learning new things and I am rewarded
when I see how someone’s life has improved with the help of massage.”

Faith was drawn to massage therapy because of her interests in holistic medicine and helping others. During her time at Carnegie Institute she fell in love with massage therapy. After finishing her program and externship, Faith became a licensed massage therapist in April of 2014. Faith’s technique is very therapeutic and, depending on what she and her client agree for a treatment plan, may vary from deep tissue to very light myofascial work. Faith appreciates the many modalities you can learn as a licensed massage therapist. She enjoys practicing energy work and plans to further her education in polarity and Reiki. Faith is often said to have a very calming presence. When she is not at work, Faith enjoys spending time with her two kids, practicing yoga daily and living a compassionate, vegan lifestyle.

Carnegie Institute -1000 hr massage program
• AMTA member
• CPR certified
• Lymphology
• Reflexology
• Chakra Balancing
• Colon massage
• Oncology massage
• Scar tissue massage
• Headache and TMJ massage
• Prenatal
• Sports
• Hot Stone

CEUs in:
• Essential Oils and Therapeutic Uses
• Reiki: An Introduction