Sarah M.

Sarah M.
Level 1, Licensed Massage Therapist/Manager/LOD – Leader on Duty

“What I love about my job is the fact that each massage is uniquely different as each person’s needs and body are unique.”

Sarah began her career as a massage therapist after personally going through physical therapy, and finding that massage was the most beneficial and enjoyable part of her necessary recovery treatments. She wished to give back to the field by becoming a massage therapist and treating others with the same healing and therapeutic touch she found to be so helpful. Sarah attended
Remington College in San Diego and became nationally certified in 2009. Her continuing education has included Cranio-Sacral therapy and advanced techniques for runners. With her passion for total rejuvenation, Sarah thrives when treating clients with deep healing modalities such as hot stone therapy.

Sarah plans to continue to add to her skills in the coming years with Reiki therapy and other forms of energy work, and someday blend two things she loves dearly; massage and animals.

• Remington College- 800 hour massage program
• NCBTMB Certified- 2009
• Advanced Techniques for Runners
• Cranio-Sacral Therapy