Salon Staff

   Melissa Kirkpatrick - Huetter
Director of Operations - Beauty Industry Business Coach

As the owner of Indigo Salon, Spa & Boutique, it is my personal mission to assure
that every guest leaves feeling their experience was more valuable than the price
in which they paid for it...(Read More)
  Lindsay B Master Level 5
Salon Development/Educational Director, Professional Hair Designer, Styling
Department Head

Lindsay is the Salon Director and Educational Director here at Indigo. Her career
as a stylist first began as a front desk associate at a salon...(Read More)
  Jill G Level 4
Professional Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist

“What I love about my job is coming into work everyday and loving what I do."...
(Read More)
  Marlo S Level 4
Professional Hair Designer & Make Up Artist

"What I love about my job is the opportunity to create exciting, liveable, trendy
hair designs for my guests that they can recreate at home. I want each time that
they visit me to be the best look they've had yet."...(Read More)
    Amanda W Level 2

"What I love about my job is making someone appear as Fabulous on the outside
as they are on the inside!"...(Read More)
  Ashley K Level 2
Professional Hair Designer

“What I love about my job is that it is not a job, it is an inspiring, rewarding and
ever changing lifestyle.”...(Read More)
  Chelsea L Level 2

From a very young age, Chelsea knew she wanted to pursue a career...(Read More)
  Marlee C Level 3
Hair Designer

Marlee started her career back in 2011 where she attended Douglas J Aveda
Institute in Ann Arbor. From there she continued her training with Aveda and
worked behind the chair until her move to Chicago"...(Read More)
  Rachel P Level 2
Professional Hair Stylist

"What I love about my job most is making people happy and feel good about
themselves."...(Read More)
  Kate H Level 1

Kate started her career in 2012 where she attended L'esprit Academy. She has ...(Read More)
  Maquia Level 1

Maquia began her career as a professional hair stylist out of pure passion and ...(Read More)
  Quanesha R Level 1
Stylist / Professional Make Up Artist

Quanesha attended one of the nation's more prestige schools,... (Read More)