Summer officially lands this month and it’s time to get ready; beach ready, party ready, fun ready! Whether you are looking for a way to score the perfect mermaid tresses, or just need to know how to beat that sunburn, we are certain this post will set you up for a successful summer.

You’ve worked hard to achieve the perfect locks and the most supple skin, so don’t even think about heading into the heat without a few of our best friends in your bag.

  • Armor up with Epicuren Sunscreen and SPF Lip Balm. Sunscreen blocks those harmful rays but doesn’t keep the tan away; it lets it develop more gradually — and safely! Those lips, however, need full protection, and this balm has got you covered.

  • Pamper sun-kissed skin with Epicuren Noni. A luxurious after sun moisturizer containing Noni fruit and pure aloe vera, specially formulated to soothe and revive sunburned and windburned skin.

  • Get that sought after tousled beach hair with Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort line. An oil-free texturized and a volumizing spray work to transform any style and texture into a fun and free look in seconds.
  • Keep that pedicure with Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze. Dubbed “the instant pedicure” this blend of honey, cinnamon, clove, and other fine moisturizers will transform even the toughest skin. A must for the summer.
  • Don’t forget to grab a touch up bottle of your manicure or pedicure color for only $3!

Stay on top of your hair, skin and nails by booking your follow-up and touch-up services now. We don’t slow down over the summer and we’d hate for you to be without the freshen up you need!

  • Norvell sunless tanning will get you a fresh-off-the-beach tan in minutes. You can rinse in three hours and it lasts for weeks.
  • Broboletta lashes will give you all the length and volume without the drama of curling and coating and combing. Choose long-term and touch up a few times all summer, or get a set just for your special occasion.

  • An Element Body Polish will remove every last trace of that itchy winter skin, revealing a foundation for a healthy tan and easy maintenance.

Never underestimate the power of a finishing touch. We have a full boutique stocked with the latest trends and the most versatile staple pieces. Whether you need something totally new or just an accent, let us help you make your statement.

  • Right now we are loving Blue Planet Sunglasses. They bring your purchase full-circle by providing corrective eyewear for someone in need. You buy for you, you give to another. Beautiful!

Things happen! Little snags in your wardrobe and beauty mishaps that can ruin your day.. unless you’re prepared. That’s why we’ve collected some of the greatest chill girl’s tips, so that you can face anything that may come, with confidence.

  • Forgot your self-tanner remover/teeth whitener/exfoliant/dry shampoo? Find a market and grab some baking soda! Mix with water into a paste to buff away harsh tanner lines. Add a few drops of coconut oil and use in the shower to smooth skin. Dust your toothbrush before you brush. Use a power brush to dust your scalp and absorb excess oil.
  • Aloe vera cubes make post-sun care a breeze. Mix a cup of pure aloe vera and a few drops of peppermint oil, then freeze in ice cube trays. Pop one out and rub on skin!
  • Use chamomile tea bags for your post-bikini wax burn
  • Fill a mason jar 3/4 with water, then add cucumber, crushed mint leaves and lavender. Infuse for a few hours, then fill a small spray bottle and keep it in the fridge. Spray your face and skin often to keep hydrated and bright. Bonus points if you add hydrosols such as rose or orange blossom!
  • Keep your style longer by wrapping it up in a cute headscarf. Whether it’s a blowout or curls, the fabric will protect from friction and a moisture-wicking material will keep your head cooler!


Spring is FINALLY here, and we’re ready!

First thing’s first, if you STILL don’t have something for mom — READ THIS.
We are your one-stop shop for every mom and we have a few spots open for all
the services and products she truly wants this year!

This month it’s all about proms and brides! We want you to look and feel your absolute best as you’re heading out for the night, or heading down the aisle for forever. Whether you are going for a simple, classic look, or daring to find your full-blown beauty edge, our team can make it happen!

Let us tie everything together with a style that is sure to make you stare at your own self just a little bit longer. Our weekends fill up so we want to make sure you are on the books. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, book your appointment and come in for a consultation as soon as you can.

The top three styles we’re loving right now:
THE UPDO – This is not your grandma’s french twist. This is an artistic style meant to accentuate your natural lines, create more volume, and keep you care free all night long. Add some glam, some flowers, some ribbon or something completely different. It’s such an easy style to customize and it’s sure to stay secure well into the afterparty.

MESSY AND MAGICAL – That half-up style we all struggled to master after Becca wore it on The Bachelor is still going strong, and it’s definitely found it’s way into the formal scene. If you’ve got a dress that reveals your décolletage this is the style that will totally rock that canvas. Pull it forward for a full mane in front shots, bring it to the side during when you’re posing in a group, and let it go wild as you set the dance floor on fire. It’s surely a style that will move with you.

LET IT GO – No, we’re not talking about a braid (although that’s a totally smokin’ option) but rather, just letting those locks be completely free. If you’ve got a dress with classic lines, try a super sleek blowout. If you’re wearing something flowy or whimsical, take those beach waves to the next level by adding braids, twists, ribbon or flowers. If you’re glammed up try some bold Gatsby waves. It may seem silly to wear an everyday style to prom or your wedding, but when everyone is expecting something super traditional, you’re making quite a statement afterall.

Book your Norvell Airbrush Tan about one week before your event so you have time to get used to it, or sneak in another session should you want to go darker. We can take you from winter white to sun kissed on your lunch break — promise!

Reserve your full face application with one of our makeup artists right away. These spots go fast, trust us! You’ll want to come in for a consultation to talk desires and inspiration, find the perfect lipcolor, and maybe take a few products home to try out. Even if you’re a DIY girl, let us at least help you find the best highlighter because, #selfies!

Whether you want a little or a lot, we’ll apply before your big event, and with a little bit of upkeep they’ll last all freaking summer. Seriously!

Yes, your mani/pedi can be done day before, but at least make the appointment right away. We’ve got you covered on everything from the basic French Manicure, to bold gel, to a completely unique hand-painted style.

Prepare for your big day at Indigo with your bridesmaids,
and we’ll treat you to a discount on all the essential services!*

*See all the specials we have for your spring and summer events!

Your one stop for all the Mother’s Day goodness

We hear it every year: “I don’t know what to get mom for Mother’s Day!” And we get it.
Every woman is different and so, it can be hard to know what to give in order to show all the love and appreciation. So we’re gonna make it super simple for you.. you ready? Send her to the spa.

Yes, the spa. Even if she goes all the time. Especially if she doesn’t feel like she needs it.
Send her and treat her to the pampering she deserves.

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips:

For the mom who does regular self-care but could use a boost.
Book a Peppermint Hot Rock Massage and add on some Rejuvenating Aromatherapy. This service will not only induce incredible relaxation, but it will loosen up tension, aid in detoxification, and boost circulation through her entire body. It’s the perfect upgrade to her normal routine. Make sure you add enough to the gift card for her to pick a new lip gloss or some bath salts on the way out.

For the mom who will try anything.
We suggest an Element Body Polish. A head-to-toe scrub (so yes, she’ll be in her birthday suit) and an intense steam will buff away the stress and envelope her in the moisture her skin has been craving all winter. Add on a quick brow treatment so she can leave the table feeling all kinds of brand new. We’re pretty sure she won’t be able to avoid checking out the spring jewelry line, so make sure she has enough for a new statement piece.

For the “I don’t really know what to do at the spa” mom
There is no better place to start than a Relaxation Massage. Gentle, effective bodywork is certain to encourage circulation, soften skin, and relieve stress. Even the most modest clients find themselves dozing off during this service. Set her up for a cut and style after her massage, and a new shampoo and conditioner on the way out. Sometimes the most essential things make the biggest difference.

For the mom who takes care of everyone else, first.
We suggest a Touch of Luxury spa day package. Peppermint Hot Rock Massage, Essential Facial, and a Mani/Pedi to finish. Shoot, you should probably just add a cut and style, too — she deserves it! You book it and we’ll manage it. She’ll move from Spa to Salon, enjoy snacks and beverages, and leave feeling like the queen she is. With an entire line of salon-grade products available, set her up to leave with a few items that will help her maintain all that pampering at home.

For the mom who’s probably already booked her own appointment.
She makes it tough, we know, but you can still surprise her. Find out what time her appointment starts and show up with a gift — her favorite coffee, and a new top so she can leave the salon looking all kinds of fresh. If you play your cards right you could snag a service at the same time and get some mother/daughter selfies before you go. Set her up for a new blush or eye color test on the way out, and then take her to lunch. She might have stumped you in the past, but this is your year!

Still not sure what to do? Let one of our support staff walk you through even more options. We pride ourselves on curating the most luxurious and unique services in the area, and it’ll be our top priority to make sure mom is well taken care of.

Get spring break ready in 5 steps

The days are still gloomy but spring break is creeping up, fast. And because we all know how real legging-season can be, we gotta face the fact that we might not exactly be beach-ready. So before you dig out your weekender and secure those boarding passes, consider how you can first give your body the pre-trip TLC it deserves.


You might have expected us to start here, but this step is often underestimated. Because it’s not as much about the act of scrubbing but when you begin. You want to give yourself a good couple of weeks of intense buffing if you want to glow in those selfies. So start now; head in for a luscious body polish, then continue at home with a good scrub every few days. Soothe your skin with a quality shea or cocoa butter blend and you’ll be nothing less than supple by send-off.


Admit it: the last thing you want to do is bring the razor on vacation. Not only is it going to seriously cramp your quick-shower style but it’s just plain archaic compared to the magic of the wax session. Why goop and scrape in a rented bathroom every day when a trained professional can reveal baby-smooth skin that will last longer than your entire trip? We offer a variety of packages so you can remove a little.. or a little more.


Spring break warrants a good base tan, but don’t even think about one of those UV boxes of the old days. When we say to start early, we’re talking about using the most advanced and quality sunless tanning products on the market. Today’s formulas leave you with a just-off-the-beach glow instead of the streaks of your self-tanning nightmares. They’re professionally applied in 15-20 and you can get dressed in 8-10. A perfect sun-kissed glow and there’s still time for lunch? Yes, please!


Perfect lashes are all the rage right now, but the curling, coloring and combing involved — who wants to fuss with all that each day? Lash extensions are the perfect solution. In just one session you can dramatically enhance your own lashes with results that will make Bambi blush. No additional fuss to complete your look; just wake up and go. With regular touchups you could keep them all summer long.


Spring is all about new beginnings and breaking out of the cabin already. And as sure as the fresh flowers that pop up around you, each year we bloom a bit, too. Your beauty is found not in your skin and lashes, but in your heart and personal expression of the things that make you, well, YOU. So snag that sunhat, and splurge on that balayage service. Go ahead and rock the clutch that matches your manicure. Treat yourself to whatever it is that helps you take on the new season with creativity and confidence.





Whether a necessity or a luxury, you want to make the most of your next massage — and we want that for you, too! So we’ve compiled a list of tips that are sure to help you prepare for your massage, be present, and extend all that zen well beyond the appointment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


I know you probably expected this, and you should have. You need water, plain and simple! And more so before a massage because your therapist is going to drain them as she works them out. So save yourself the headache and drink up for the 24-48 hours before your service.


It’s not only so that you are clean, but to help your muscles soften and your mind get into self-care mode. Your blood will begin moving and your senses are alive. Drop some eucalyptus in the shower to steam up and get those airways opened up. It’s a game-changer.


Speaking of oils, just say “yes” when your therapist asks if you want the aromatherapy add-on. This isn’t offered to just make everything smell nice; this is to actually help you relax. Research shows that the emotional storehouse of our brain (the amygdala and hippocampus) can only be stimulated through the sense of smell. When your therapist offers that first wave of Lavender at the beginning of your service, those molecules reach your brain and literally turn on chill mode. A few extra bucks to emotionally de-stress? Sign me up!


In every way. Be on time (which is actually a few minutes early), turn off your phone, and be specific about what you need. All too often clients will rub the back of their neck and speak of general pain but you guys, your therapist is kind of a muscle ninja and can do so much more for you if you tell them exactly what’s going on. This includes in-session chatter. If you aren’t a talker, but your therapist is (which is a huge no-no, we apologize for them all) speak up and say that you prefer not to talk during your session. It’s your hour — get what you need!


So much of your service will play out in the days following. All that metabolic waste we spoke of in point number one will be on the move, and some of those pains you came in with may come back in new form. But the fact is that good work was done and you just need to coax the healing along until your next session. Take note of the stretches, drink the recommended water, focus on correcting any habits that have caused the issues.


There is a reason spas carry pain relief products — pain is likely! Especially if you had deep or customized work. Taking an elbow in your back and being stretched like an Olympian are grounds for a bit of discomfort. But that pain is not a sign of a bad session; it’s a sign of healing and repair. Trust that your therapist knows what to recommend based on what they experienced while working on you.


Set yourself up for success by not letting more than a week go between sessions. Corrective work and deep repair require stacked appointments in order to break the patterns of dysfunctional muscles. It took a while for them to get that way and it may take some time to undo it. But if you want results, consistency is key. Commit to the process and make that next appointment. Bonus points (literally) if your spa has a loyalty program!